Wednesday, June 30, 2010

The birthing process

Design For Style is a brainchild of Cameron Arendse, Ronel Stevens and Sheila Afari, who were able to see the need for young, emerging designers to get proper exposure in their fashion pursuits. Two weeks before the first show DFS was conceptualise and the Monday before the Wednesday, the role of Public Relations was called to the table. Design For Style is an ever-growing phenomenon in the Cape Town fashion industry and the role of blogging, online and print publications, as well at our finale being covered by Penguin Films, saw DFS grow every week. A lot of lessons were learnt in the first series of DFS, and without any more words, we will have the pictures tell the tale of the growth of Design For Style!

This is the first show with Ayesha Kamali with her AKLIVITI line:

Designer Ayesha ( in the middle, with Black and Silver top) with the models wearing her AKLIVITI line

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