Friday, April 1, 2011

DFS Designer Spotlight: Ivan McCarthy of IVNMC

Ivan McCarthy is a designer extraodinaire. He specialises in all things design; designing, as he says, not for the masses, but for the individual who are not scared to stand out in the crowd . As a architecture graduate from UCT, he is inspired by structure, as he layers and morphs, always having a captivating element to his designs. He showcased at the second DFS show (12 May 2010)and since then he has showcased at the Chew magazine's Puma Creative Unity event and at the Belvedere Vodka "Downtown" event. IVNMC is currently creating a range exclusively for the Collage Fashion Deli on Long Street, Cape Town. Many more great things to come from this guy...Stay tuned and dont say that you never heard anything about this guy.
DFS keeping you Fashionably South African <3

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