Thursday, April 7, 2011

Thursday SA Designer Spotlight: Thulare Monareng

After her childhood in Swaziland and Johannesburg, Thulare Monareng completed high school and university in the United State. She continued her studies in Belgium then moved to New York to manage the Novo Art Gallery in Manhattan, while earning a degree in fashion buying and merchandising at the Fashion Institute of Technology.

Thulare Monareng moved back to South Africa where she designed and styled for the TV show “Backstage” and presented a runway show at South Africa Fashion Week. In 2002, Thulare won the “The Most Innovative Designer Award” at Cape Town Fashion Festival. She has also presented at the 2009 Arise Africa Fashion Week and her work has appeared in magazines such as Cosmopolitan, Elle, and O.

Currently, Thulare has a fun and colorful store on Long Street where she features African inspired clothing and international trends. Thulare's store, Fashion Collage Deli, is a must visit for anyone in Cape Town!

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