Thursday, April 7, 2011

Thursday Random Rambles...

We are number one! We are number one! We turn 1 year old this month! It is such an achievement, having showcased 20 new designers, over 11 shows, launched in Johannesburg, started distributing from Collage Fashion Deli on Long street, having partnered with Brandhouse and House of Monatic and also many other collaborations. This is our first birthday and our wish is for the DFS empire to have a rock-solid foundation in the past year's achievements. There are much more to achieve and we appreciate YOU for all your support. Without YOU DFS will still just be our dream. Cheers to a great year of blood, sweat and tears and a year of great achievement! Looking forward for more to come! Happy Birthday to US!!!

To celebrate the DFS Birthday Month, we are giving away tons of prizes to our loyal DFS supporters. Over the next three weeks, we are taking everyone down memory lane with various questions and wall posts. If you would like to win any of our amazing DFS prizes, make sure that your DFS knowledge is up to scratch and that you vist our Facebook page (

DFS Keeping you fashionably South African

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