Friday, April 8, 2011

DFS Friday: Clothing in Collage Fashion Deli

DFS clothing can currently be found in Collage Fashion Deli on Long St. This Afrocentric store targets the young and the creative. Trendy and avant-garde pieces fill deli fridges and Coke crates instead of clothing racks. Hanging inside the store is the DFS affiliated label Mili Jo. IVNMC, Akliviti, and a jewelry showcase will be sold in Collage Fashion Deli shortly.

Join DFS at Collage Fashion Deli (219-223 Long Street) on Saturday, April 16th for a fun, customer centered event! From 3pm to 10pm there will be live DJs, drinks, and designers whose labels are in the store. Have your photo taken on a red carpet in one of your favorite pieces. Come celebrate with us!

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